Golden Christmas Tree

Taken from my Christmas Wallpaper page:-

One reply on “Golden Christmas Tree”

oh I for one love the tree, now I want one,, it looks stunning with red and I doubt if you’ll get tghruoh the wholeseason without the cat in it,,isn’t that part of christmas with pets, I know it is in our home.I have had to start a new blog, I was hacked, imagine, I’m so boring, any way, I don’t think you followed me, or even read mine for that matter but on the slim chance you do, I have started a new one.I have followed you mostly silently from the bleachers,, (well not really) but i rarely comment, you see I’m your mums age and I just love to read your adventures because your remind me of my daughter, aand I fell for henny from day one, my little caniine pal has gone to doggy heaven and henny gives me the fix I miss.Anyway I never write but today I write a book, lol, take care my dear girl and I will also say How very much I admire your calm practical approach to things and your talent at art, sewing and cooking, OK, I’m done,

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