Stone Wall

Taken from my Stone Wall page:-

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I really like your site! Is it new? I think it should have more acclaim. Nice job 🙂

Oh, and another thing, I think these photos would get REALLY popular on I highly advise you make an account! You can sell your prints, and lots of artists and designers will love to use your backgrounds and such

Thanks very much Rachael.

Irishviews has been a round for years but this blog not for so long…

I have had a few of my pics used on deviantart in the past. SOme day I’ll find time to set up an account!

You have some great photos on here – I love the background!! I’m sorry I’ll have to decline your request to put your Entrecard Widget on my blog because I can’t find your widget. If you get that fixed please feel free to re-send your ad request! Thanks! 🙂

mmm… Not sure what is going on – it definitely is working OK from my PC!

Thanks anyway…

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