Barley 5 & 6

Taken from my Barley page:-

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Hello, what a wonderful site you have – great photos!
i also saw your other site linked to this and am writing to let you know i may use some of your photos for our non profit, if that is still ok.
i think the lady birds (ladybugs) photos may work well with an article on our Legion of Mary website in Phoenix, Arizona USA. i’ll also check to see if you have any Legion photographs taken in Dublin where the Legion originated. Although i already have photos on Legion sites in Ireland, maybe you have some more, too. You do beautiful work.
I am still building the site, but you can see it thus far at: The page where i would include your work (with proper credit) is not yet created, but i will send it to you so you can see it.
Peace & joy,

Sheryl, thanks for the kind comments.

You can certainly use some of my photos for your non profit.

Do let us know where I can find them when you are finished.

A link back to is always greatly appreciated as well.

I don’t currently have any photos of Dublin currently, sorry.

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